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St.Cera Co.,Ltd. is located in High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China. It was formerly known as Shenzhen Selton Technology Co.,Ltd, which was founded in 2008. St.Cera specializes in research, development and manufacture of precision ceramic parts for export.



Widely used in semiconductor, optical fiber communication, laser, medical, petroleum, metallurgy, electronics and other industries.


Precision ceramic material can maintain high stability in complicated physical and chemical environm...

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New EnergyNew Energy

Ceramics is one of the preferred materials for new energy and can meet the requirements of most envi...

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Fiber-optic communicationFiber-optic communication

The size of outer diameter, inner diameter, length and chamfer all can be customized according to cu...

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Precision InstrumentPrecision Instrument

Due to the excellent properties, ceramic materials are widely used in various types of precision ins...

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Pharmaceutical EquipmentPharmaceutical Equipment

Ceramic is widely used in modern pharmaceutical machinery, such as lamp detector bases, ceramic bear...

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Other FiledOther Filed

Since traditional materials can no longer fully meet the using requirements, most customers will try...

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Process technology

As structural components, most industrial ceramics require precision machining, especially those with complex shapes and high precision requirements. Due to shrinkage and deformation of the ceramics during sintering, it needs to be precision machined as dimension tolerance and surface finish are difficult to meet requirements after that. In addition to achieving dimension accuracy and improving surface finish, it can also eliminate surface defects. Therefore, precision machining of ceramics is an indispensable and critical process.


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